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Bio LogoNow Seeking Applicants for Senior Faculty and Department Chair Position

The Department of Bioengineering at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) invites applications for a senior faculty and department Chair position (full professor rank) beginning the 2015/16 academic year

Bio LogoNow Accepting Applications for Fall 2016

The UCR Bioengineering department is currently accepting graduate applications for the Fall 2015 quarter. This is for our BIG (Bioengineering Interdeparmental Graduate) Program.

Why Choose UCR?Why Choose UCR...

Find out what students are saying about UCR's Bioengineering Program:

"The excitement of the diverse and beautiful UCR campus made me realize that it would foster my foundation with the best of engineering principles and cutting-edge technologies for my future aspirations..."


Be BIGThe Bioengineering Interdepartmental Graduate (BIG) program is exceptional with an additional 30 faculty across UCR, enhancing research opportunities for their students. A network of research centers, including the newly established Center for Bioengineering Research (CBR), provides extensive support for their research programs with core capabilities in genomics, bioimaging, bioinformatics, proteomics, nanotechnology, analytical chemistry and stem cell technology. And BIG is one of the few biomedical engineering programs where the graduate students can take non-clinical medical school courses alongside of the medical students.

All of this culminates into a truly exceptional educational and research program to produce the best graduates for future advancements in Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology. To learn more, contact



Antibiotics. Artificial joints. Pacemakers, implants and heart valves. These are but a few of the extraordinary medical breakthroughs brought to us over the last several decades by the rapidly evolving science of bioengineering.

Today, UCR’s uniquely interdisciplinary bioengineering program combines the expertise of biologists, neuroscientists, nanotechnologists, physiologists, mathematicians, geneticists and others to push the boundaries of this dynamic field. From the discovery of powerful new drugs and diagnostic tools to the development of novel biocompatible materials that will revolutionize 21st century medicine, our researchers and graduates collaborate with pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and other organizations to put the power of groundbreaking ideas to work in the real world.

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Featured BIG Faculty

Victor G. J. RodgersVictor G. J. Rodgers
Professor & Chair of Bioengineering
Research focus: Bioengineering
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Jerome SchultzJerome Schultz
Distinguished Professor of Bioengineering
Research focus: Bioengineering
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David Lo

David Lo
Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Sciences
Research focus: Needle-free Drug Delivery
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Jiayu Liao

Jiayu Liao
Associate Professor of Bioengineering
Research focus: Drug Discovery/Diabetes
View Profile

Devin Binder

Devin Binder
Associate Clinical Professor
Research focus: Traumatic Brain Injury
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